About Us

My passion for mosaics began several years ago, when I decided to make a mosaic dish after reading an article about upcycling in a magazine. The dish took me ages but I instantly fell in love with the beautiful array of coloured glass tiles and glittering iridescent finishes.

More than 3 years on, I still feel a flutter of excitement each time a parcel of mosaic tiles arrives at my door and can’t help but be inspired by the wonderful bright colours and the limitless creative possibilities. I love to create contemporary designs that look beautiful close up as well as from a distance. My creations are never rushed; I pay close attention to detail and take great care to ensure my mosaics are neat and precise. All of which are completed with my signature white grout giving a beautifully clean and bright finish.

Pineapple Mosaics grew from a hobby into my now full-time occupation. Having worked on it part-time for the first two years, I took the plunge and resigned from my day job in summer ’17 to focus on my mosaics full-time.

Mirrors are by far my most popular creations, but I also enjoy creating many other decorative items, including dishes, vases, coasters, trays, photo frames and wall art. I exhibited art work at my very first exhibition last spring, and look forward to having a stand for the first time at the Country Living Spring Fair at Alexandra Palace in London in March 2019 .

Custom Mosaic Mirrors